July 24, 2021

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Abinader: The security of citizens is important and the success of living in freedom depends on it

President Louis Abinader today chaired a meeting of the first 100 days of the commission responsible for reforming the National Police, in which the most pressing aspects for experts were presented.

Santo Domingo.- President Louis Abinader today chaired a meeting of the first 100 days of the commission responsible for reforming the National Police, in which the most pressing aspects for experts were presented.

Here is the full text of the President’s speech at that meeting:

100 working days of the Police Reform Committee.


Friends and friends,

When I swore on this task force, I wanted to emphasize that I was not tired and that they would not make me tired.

Police reform is an intensive work that requires clear planning, discussion and analysis.

It was my commitment to create this group that, today, 100 days later, begins to bear fruit.

We are already taking the first steps on the long-awaited path that the citizens of this country have long wanted to take; Transformation and comprehensive professionalism of our National Police.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have reiterated it on many occasions that the protection of citizens is the key and nuclear component of any democracy and the success of living in freedom depends on it.

Comprehensive reform of the National Police is one of the most important and pending tasks of Dominican democracy, and it is a priority to integrate the social and democratic law established by our Constitution.

Their missions are fundamental, in a cross way, to economic growth. However, to fully fulfill its responsibility, the police need the trust of the people.

Its legitimacy depends on compliance with the Constitution and the laws.

As has happened in other countries in the region, the community is sometimes compromising the police in new forms of crime, high crime and generally serious cases, which should always be an effective guarantee for the laws. .

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For this reason, the task force aims to analyze the police structure in recent months, make drastic recommendations for actual cleansing of the body, and present solutions within the legal and institutional framework for immediate replacement. Police. This police force.

The committee held its first meeting on Friday, April 9, at the headquarters of the Ministry of Home Affairs and Police, at which meeting identified tasks related to the information gathering process to prepare a comprehensive work program, its priorities, resources, relevant state and government officials, and community and education across the country. , Mechanisms for dialogue and exchange with regional, business, church and departmental organizations.

The Working Group established a fluid relationship with the Minister of Home Affairs and Police and his technical team to provide information and channel specific requests to the High Police Council and the Directorate General of the Police Force.

At this time I can tell you that a total of 345 procedures are being analyzed.

Nothing is marginalized because everything is important and needs to be analyzed.

In addition, the Executive Committee formally requested from the Ministry of the Interior and Police all the documents prepared in the National Strategic Security Plan 2021-2024 to adjust with the long-term objectives of the Dominican State in this matter.

Special attention has been paid to the responsibility of the Ministry of Home Affairs and Police in the municipal planning for the protection and strategic purposes of the citizens.

Everything is read.

Considering the data, complexity and importance of these documents, the Executive Committee decided to conduct an introductory workshop addressing its members, which was presented by the National Police. The purpose of the workshop is to facilitate the analysis of the content, to understand its general lines, and to begin the work.

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The Working Group decided that all members of the High Police Council should participate in this workshop and that in order to maintain a product exchange with them, the consultants or advisers who participated in the drafting of the documents provided should participate.

It is necessary to highlight that the members participating in the National Police reflected great transparency and a desire for organizational change in that workshop.

From 16 to 29 May 2021, I would like to highlight the international assistance we receive, counting on the United Nations agreeing that a technical team of experts in civil defense and police reform will visit the Dominican Republic for 12 days. Continuing recommendations and diagnoses will be coordinated by the task force.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

One of the most important aspects highlighted in the order creating the executive committee was the demand for compliance with all approval procedures carried out against members of the National Police for committing serious crimes.

590-16 The Committee, acting on the basis of a thorough analysis of the Organic Law of the National Police, considers it appropriate to recommend the creation of independent commissions with judges who have no present or past relations with the National Police. Keep track of every case that is currently going on before ordering and allowing bodies within the body so that they are known, especially observing the guarantees of the relevant process.

In this regard, the Minister of Home Affairs and Police informed the Executive Committee that they welcome their request.

It is expected to come into force and be approved by the Additional Police Council Executive Committee after knowing the preliminary draft and selecting the judges to coordinate it, which is currently in the process of being defined.

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The commission is expected to begin operations in the near future.

On the agenda of priorities identified by the Executive Committee is the analysis and weighting of the pay structure of the police agency, which, considering that the National Police has a specialized occupational and benefits regime, reflects the lack of defined criteria for providing equal compensation, especially in relation to the so-called “specialties” pay for its members. It is imperative to redefine the scale, in order to solve the problem current, by establishing the cross axes of pay compensation that ensure equity, transparency and fair compensation.

In this connection, the Minister of Public Administration last week sent to the Executive Committee through the Minister of Home Affairs and Police a set of analytical documents for the establishment of new salary components of the National Police.

A clear and reasonable strategy can be established quickly in this area.

Friends and friends,

These are some of the topics discussed and analyzed by the working group in these 100 days, there are many more, but I do not want to go into all the details.

As you can see, this reform is unstoppable, it is going at a good pace and the recommendations have been analyzed and detailed at all levels.

We know we cannot fail. Not this time.

Together we will achieve that the community increases confidence in the National Police and enhances its professionalism and effectiveness in its operations, thus effectively exercising its constitutional powers with the support of all departments.

This is my commitment. This is my map for getting this.

Thank you all and God bless the Dominican people.