July 24, 2021

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Alpha-TCP forms a united front to counter misinformation | News

Sacha Lorendi, general secretary of the Bolivarian Alliance for our US-People Trade Agreement (ALPA-DCP), reported this Friday on the creation of a united media front to combat misinformation in the region.

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President Theas-Colonel rejects Fiden’s statements on Cuba

“We have formed a united front to fight misinformation because the truth is on our side, the spirit of peace, the dialogue.

The official explained that in order to justify humanitarian intervention, the media aggression carried out through the media and social networks is aimed at creating chaos in Cuba.

During a virtual meeting with the leaders of the public media that will form the coalition, they confirmed that these actions have the same intentions and tactics that were recently used against Nicaragua and Venezuela, and against Bolivia during the 2019 regime change.

Lorendi acknowledged the state of solidarity with Cuba, which was expressed by alpha-dcb governments and peoples, as well as by social organizations from the United States (Europe), Europe, Africa, and Asia.

The secretary commented that while Cuba was sending doctors to Bolivia, former Argentine President Mauricio Macri sent “weapons of dictatorship to strengthen regime change” in that South American country.

The Alpha-DCP has promoted various initiatives to counter campaigns against progressive governments in the region, making visible complaints such as the imposition of unilateral coercive measures by the US government against Cuba and Venezuela in violation of international law.

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