July 24, 2021

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Anti-Jansen vaccine-19 vaccines without a date in Brazil – Brenza Latin

Health Minister Marcelo Guerrero told reporters that parts of the vaccine (owned by Johnson & Johnson) “will only be confirmed when it is shipped from the United States”, but he did not confirm a new data.

His statement came after expectations of Johnson’s drug arrival were dashed.

Initially, the federal government reported that it would be on national soil on Sunday, then Tuesday and this Wednesday, but that did not happen.

The day before, Guerrero had been asked about a lot of receipts. ‘I don’t know the details yet. But it should come on Wednesday, ‘he said on the occasion.

On the same day, the Ministry of Health issued a statement saying, “The date is expected to be confirmed by the laboratory, but the drugs are expected to arrive in the country in three exports this week.”

Such visits to the Johnson area affect the country’s vaccination strategies because the blocks will be allowed until August. The validity initially analyzed by management was until June 27, but a technical assessment by the National Health Monitoring Organization found that vaccines could be used until August 8, when they were stored at two to eight degrees centigrade.

Because the vaccine is given in a single dose, it is equivalent to the other two injected in Brazil: the US laboratory Pfizer, the coronavok developed by the Chinese biopharmaceutical Sinovak, and the University of Oxford (United Kingdom) and the company Anglo-Swedish Astrogenica.

The health portfolio has a deal to buy 38 million doses of the Belgian vaccine.

The South American company is compliant with the Slow National Immunization Program and only 24.7 percent of Brazilians are vaccinated with an area, mainly coronavac.

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The SARS-CoV-2 corona virus, which causes COV-19, causes 493,367 deaths and 17 million 628,588 infections in Brazil.

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