July 24, 2021

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Archbishop of Galle denies police violence in Colombia – Brenza Latin

“Catholic priests and clergy are coming out in protest, witnessing the brutal script of armed attacks by police patrols, they were injured in the uprising,” he denounced on his Twitter account.

Religious people in the same message asked: ‘Who are the people who hang the police?’

He pointed out that yesterday’s incidents in Jamunda, the department of the Valle del Gaga, where agents of the Mobile Riot Team (ESMT) used excessive force to inflict multiple injuries, were being reported across Galle and neighboring cities. .

‘For God’s sake, do not obey the commands of injury and murder. Torture. Conscience objection. Report those who give them. Do not provoke too much hatred. Take care of everyone’s life and people, and God will take care of you. ‘

The NGO Templars has reported 60 murders since the national strike against the Duke government began on April 28, 43 of which are said to be in the hands of the General Forces.

Similarly, 46 people sustained eye injuries, 22 were sexually assaulted and two members of the General Forces were killed.

Kali, militarized by the government, is one of the most violent regions in the country.

Popular protests have called for the removal of Esmat, the cessation of militarization and the resignation of the country’s defense minister, Diego Molano.

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