July 24, 2021

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Bolsanaro – Brazilians take to the streets in protest against Escomprey

“Out with Polsano”, “Out with genocide”, “Hunger and unemployment state”, “Vaccine now” and “Vaccine on hand and food on the plate” were repeated slogans at the demonstrations. (Photo: Cubas)

Tens of thousands of people took to the streets in various Brazilian capitals on Saturday (06/19/2021) to protest against far-right President Jair Bolzano for managing the epidemic, which has already killed more than half a million people in the country.

More than 20 state capitals, including Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia, Recife and S பாo Paulo, were the scene of protests, where, despite the cold, ten blocks from Paulista Avenue, the structure of Brazil’s economic capital, were submerged in a human wave.

To mark the tragic death toll of more than half a million people in Brazil this Saturday, many of the protesters carried signs with the symbol “500,000”.

“Out with Polsanaro”, “Out with Genocide”, “Hunger and Unemployment State”, “Vaccine Now” and “Vaccine on Hand and Plate Food” are in Brasilia, Rio and Sao Paulo.

The vaccine recession against COVID-19 in Brazil, where only 11.5% of the 212 million population has been vaccinated, is one reason for the mobilization.

We have more than 2,000 deaths a day. We lost more than 500,000 people to a disease with the vaccine. I want to be at home, but we must take to the streets to stop this political project that is destroying Brazil. Bolzano: Ask the people, “said Tita Coto, a 21-year-old student who attended a demonstration in Sவோo Paulo.

Dangerous increase in infections in Sao Paulo

In the afternoon, the temperature in Sao Paulo dropped and a drizzle began, but the crowd increased. Fans of rival football clubs Corinthians and Palmeiras marched with huge flags “for democracy”.

Earlier, in Rio de Janeiro, thousands of people gathered in the city center to condemn the actions of the Bolzano government during the epidemic.

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His condition [Bolsonaro] In relation to COVID and its denial is absurd. He’s already out of reality, in a good sense, he can not explain himself, he is very surreal, ”said Robert Almeida, a 50-year-old photographer.

These events were called by the Brazilian Popular and Poe Chem Meadow (People without Fear) nodes, which was made up of dozens of social and trade union organizations and was supported by political parties and leaders.