July 24, 2021

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Brazil: Jair Bolzano and Corruption

Written by Eric Nebomuseno -.

Far-right Brazilian President Jair Bolzano (photo) is increasingly acting out of control and aggression.

Experts say this is a normal reaction in psychiatrists: every time they feel cornered, they act with increasing violence. Also, over the corner, what you see in Brazil is a president who melts every day.

To make matters worse, a corruption scandal is now erupting that will lead to a slight shift in the military around him and the business community that supports him, especially the agribusiness.

Throughout the 2018 election campaign that led to his presidency, Bolzano reiterated: he will not join the so-called “centrum”, a group of unsold right-wing parties will be hired (since re-democratization, in 1985, they will all – all – governments), and give a relentless fight .

It is the same “center” that his government now rents. Bolzano forgot that he was a national vice president, a member of the “centrist” particularly vague though.

As for corruption, he forgot that he, along with his three sons who act as MPs, maintained a plan to hire the wrong advisers and keep the bulk of their salaries.

If it does not divert public money, i.e. corruption, it is not clear what it will be. He also forgot that the current first lady (the best guardian of the traditional family has been married three times) received rare deposits, to say the least, from the family money manager.


Well now a bomb fell on his knee.

Last Friday, at a session of the Senate Intelligence Commission investigating the mistakes and failures of the Covit-19 epidemic that has already killed at least 515 thousand Brazilians, the country was shocked to hear the complaint – with sufficient evidence – that corruption had attempted to buy a vaccine.

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He knew in that look that Paulson had been warned about the plot and that he had done nothing to stop it. He also said that the person responsible was Ricardo Burroughs, the government spokesman for the Chamber of Deputies.

The complaint was lodged with the Commission of Inquiry by Bolsonaro’s associate and a brother who is a permanent official in the Ministry of Health.

The deputy is named Luis Claudio Miranda, and the brother of a civil servant is Luis Ricardo Miranda.

What the two told the senators who questioned them was backed up by evidence, even records.

This is a simple plan: Ricardo Burroughs has maintained ties with the pharmaceutical industry, Priscilla, since the time he was health minister in the Michael Demer government, following a corporate conspiracy to oust President Dilma Rousseff in 2016, which has never been carried out as a sale to the national government. Deviations of at least four million dollars have already been verified.

Since last year, the Bolsanaro government has postponed the purchase of the vaccines it insisted on. There have been more than 30 offers from Pfizer alone, since the middle of last year.

There was only one exception: the offering of the Indian vaccine covax, whose effectiveness is highly questionable, is used even on a large scale in India.

Luis Ricardo Miranda, under pressure from his superiors in the Ministry of Health, appealed to his deputy, Luis Claudio, who was close to Bolzano.

On Saturday, March 20, 2021, the two met with the President at the Presidential Palace. They carried out all the tests, especially from uniformed people scattered around the ministry, pressuring them to rush without the approval of health officials to buy the covax vaccine. Since each dose is more expensive than everything else it would be about $ 500 million.

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Paulsonaro was asked two things. One: The Federal Police will be ordered to investigate this case. Another: “This is Ricardo Burroughs’ case. Putting your hand in that matter is like defecating your hand.”

Federal police were never called. Three months later, the purchase was not made because Luis Ricardo Miranda refused to comply with the orders of his superiors and chose to file a public complaint with his brother-in-law.

In addition, the two told Senators of the Commission of Inquiry that one of the president’s sons, Senator Flavio, was involved in the plot.

The next few days will be the most tense for the Bolzano family and the country.

The Senate Commission of Inquiry now has a new goal. This may be the beginning of the end of the worst government in the history of the Republic of Brazil.