July 24, 2021

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Brussels plans to allocate 3,000 million by 2024 to manage immigration to Turkey

Brussels, June 24 (Europa Press) –

As part of the renewal of the migration agreement signed in 2016 with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the European Commission will ask European Commission leaders to allocate மில்லியன் 3,000 million to migration management in Turkey by 2024.

Brussels is proposing to allocate 3,000 million to support the most urgent needs of refugee and host communities in Turkey, especially on the fringes of the budget, which came into force this year, specifically this financial health, education, social security measures and training and employment of refugees, according to a plan with access to Europa Press.

Since 2016, Ankara has received the support of 27 people to manage the reception of Syrian refugees in exchange for cooperation in preventing the flow of migrants to Europe. These new relations will come at a time when the European Union is immersed in opening a new constructive phase in relations with Turkey, leaving behind the instability it has experienced over the past two years in the eastern Mediterranean.

Brussels’ முயற்ச 535 million effort to immediately fund a series of “star” humanitarian projects, such as support for the education of children and direct assistance to families to buy basic necessities.

In addition, a further 200 2,200 million has been considered to support the reception of refugees in Jordan, Lebanon and Syria, a portion of which has already been announced by Brussels in the context of the V Conference for Syria in March.

The funding will come from the new European budget, but according to European sources, it will open the door for member states to make voluntary contributions to the situation in Lebanon and Jordan.

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There are currently 3.7 million Syrian refugees in Turkey, and the European Administrator estimates that its support for these communities is protected by the Refugee Service in Turkey (FRIT).

In total, the EU has dedicated 6,000 million for migration management in Turkey in two separate packages, all of which have already been contracted, while 4,100 million have already been provided for specific projects.

In this way, it will be Brussels’ third aid package worth $ 3,000 million set aside for immigration cooperation since 2016, in an effort to highlight its future relationship with Ankara.