July 24, 2021

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Candidate Keiko Fujimori seeks to cancel large vote in Peru – Brenza Latin

Fujimori told a news conference with foreign journalists that the purpose of the meeting was to draw the attention of the “international community” to the recent serious incidents and that allegations of fraud were being repeated in the voting table accusing the party of Peru Libre. Fort.

The daughter of former Governor Alberto Fujimori, who has been jailed for crimes against humanity, has been repeatedly asked about the legal issues facing her government by canceling the votes of 200,000 citizens on the ballot.

He responded by saying that the National Electoral Arbitration Council (JNE) should rule on his allegations to ascertain who won the ballot last Sunday, and that he was waging a “war on communism” and referring to foreign intervention without showing evidence.

Almost all election experts agree that the cancellation of the minutes is not appropriate due to the challenges of Fujimori party Fursa Popular, the signatures of the members of the polling station seem slightly different from the original.

Today, the Lima election arbitrator dismissed a group of these challenges, saying that the judiciary indicates they are errors and that the signatures were verified by the election officials.

Fujimori also criticized JNE because it withdrew from extending the deadline for filing canceled requests yesterday because the FP demanded that only a portion of Fujimori’s more than 800 appeals be granted last Wednesday night at 8 p.m. .

The president’s political spokesman, Miguel Torres, questioned the decision and said the FP would appeal against it because it was “disciplinary” and “right to the truth”, although the election deadline could not be changed.

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The candidate repeatedly said he would abide by JNE’s decision, although at a rally called by many of his followers, many of them carried posters with a photo of the court’s chairman, George Salas, and chanted ‘Outside the JNE’.

Torres announced that he would appeal against all the bad results of the provincial election juries because JNE demanded that they be defined, which would prolong the tense wait for the final results.

As Fujimori’s followers protested in support of his claims, many of Castillo’s insiders gathered in the central plaza of San Martினn to demand recognition of their leader’s victory.

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