July 24, 2021

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Castillo announces Peru’s popular choice – Brenza Latin

Castillo made the announcement, as did representatives of the social organizations that had expressed support for him, in addition to an intensive investigation, in which he visited the populous municipality of Villa Maria del Trன்nfo and spoke before a popular meeting.

According to sources in his neighborhood, the rural teacher, who is awaiting his official declaration as the new ruler, has announced the formation of a coalition of unions, unions, movements, civic groups and political parties to show that the election is underway. .

He made the announcement amid a series of protests and right-wing maneuvers to block access to the government palace after his election victory over neo-liberal Keiko Fujimori.

On the other hand, at Villa Maria del Triunfo, he heard the call of the humble people for optimal drinking water and sewerage services, which would be one of the priorities of his government because water should be the right of the people.

“I don’t know where we are going to get water from, we don’t know what we can do, but we are going to give them water,” he added.

Castillo said the country should “think about solving major problems and urgent work to address inequalities and meet the needs of the people” after the election.

He reiterated the priority of vaccinating people against Covit-19, while welcoming the purchase of vaccines by the outgoing government of Francisco Sagasti.

There will be time to fight, today we are facing the epidemic at this time, we will get out of it, thus opening schools, small businesses and reactivating the economy of the people, he said.

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The winner of the vote said his government would fight corruption “wherever it came from” and rejected the political opportunism of those who approached him in search of positions and personal interests.

Meanwhile, as part of preparations for the new government, Point Pedro, a key member of the pre-government economic group, said he had held telecommunications with Spanish companies in the context of conversations with the business sector.

Another member of the team, Humberto Cambodeniko, presented the next management’s plans to investors at a virtual conference hosted by a local branch of Bank of America.

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