July 24, 2021

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Castillo lists government and Fujimori pressure court in Peru – Brenza Latin

Castillo’s economic spokesman, Pointe–Frank, called for a quiet wait for the June 6 referendum winner’s declaration and stay away from allegations of fraud – which Fujimori uses to drastically cancel votes for rural teachers – and harassment and pressure on election officials.

“The Peruvian people must remain calm, it must be shut down, the political forces must make an effort to understand, we can all form a government of national unity heading in the same direction, which will solve the great problems of Peru,” he said.

He noted that the social, business and other political forces should also take part in the administration, and warned that instability could hurt the economy and warn investors.

“Our central views will be open to a larger coalition that will make the necessary changes for Peru,” said a member of the New Peru Movement (NP), an ally of Castillo.

‘We do not want the same economic model, or maintain the same (neo-liberal) economic policy, Peruvian people want change, they want to face inequality, decent employment for all, support for small businesses and health funds’.

Frank said he had been in contact with merchants in recent days and had given a presentation in front of an audience of a thousand merchants organized by a financial institution, which he considered to have been well received.

He pointed out that the country urgently needs to expedite the vaccination against Govt-19 and reactivate the economy in the face of the severe situation caused by the epidemic, as well as begin to close the existing huge imbalances.

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In a tense wait for the winner’s declaration, he said, ‘We have to wait quietly, however in my opinion and in the opinion of all the experts, the result seems irreversible in favor of Castillo.’ False accusations of aggression and fraud have been raised by Fujimori.

These actions translate into pressure, harassment and even personal pressure, in which right-wing writer Mario Vargas Losa yesterday attacked Castillo in support of Keiko Fujimori’s claims.

As soon as it came out, personal and non-public pressure was added to support the new Liberal candidate, Fujimori, on members of the National Electoral Arbitration Council.

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