June 15, 2021

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Controversial plan to build a large artificial island in Denmark is developing – Escompre

Copenhagen port area to be built on Artificial Island Lintehome, December 2020 (Photo: Ritzow Sconfix / Reuters)

Danish immigrants and officials from neighboring Sweden raised concerns in June last year about the Danish parliament’s approval of a 2.8-square-kilometer artificial island lintehome construction project north of Refsalion Island, a former industrial area of ​​the capital.

It is the largest construction project in Denmark’s history and is expected to be completed by 2070, and will cost about 20,000 million crowns and about $ 3,300 million to complete. But work could begin this fall, according to the Russia Today website.

The main purpose of the island is to protect Copenhagen from flooding caused by rising sea levels and to address the high cost of housing due to the growing demand.

Lintehom is estimated to have 20,000 new homes for about 35,000 people, and will be connected to the rest of the Danish capital by a tunnel, a port tunnel and a ring road.

The project has generated controversy in Danish society and received harsh criticism from environmental activists, including fears of increasing pollution in the region and the impact on water quality and local ecosystems.

This initiative has already been challenged before the European Court of Justice because environmental impact assessments only cover the impact of island construction, but not on planned infrastructure, housing and other urban improvements. Newspaper local.

Sweden ‘s environment minister, Per Poland, told a television network that work could be halted if Stockholm materials were blocked when conditions for construction were clarified.

Danish Transport Minister Benny Engelbrecht confirmed to the same media that under the ESPO conference Sweden could introduce changes that would prove necessary, forcing signatories to carry out environmental assessments of facilities that could have a cross-border impact.

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(With information from Russia Today)