June 15, 2021

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Costa Rica reaffirms its commitment to protecting the oceans – Brenza Latina

On World Oceans Day, Christian Guillermet, Vice Chancellor for Multi-Affairs, highlighted the value of oceans for a healthier environment and air, and recalled that Costa Rica has more than 10 times the sea area bathed by Atlantic and Pacific. Larger than the continent.

Killermet said it represents great wealth for our country, but has a great responsibility in its defense and use of marine resources.

On Ocean Diplomacy, the Costa Rican Ministry highlights the value of dialogue, respect for international law, and the best way to seize common ground.

An example of foreign action in this regard, he cites the High Ambition Alliance for Nature and People, an initiative put forward by Costa Rica last January in conjunction with France and the United Kingdom, which seeks to protect 30 percent of our land by 2030 in our seas.

After noting that the 30X30 target raises a global objective aimed at preventing the loss of life and protecting ecosystems essential to humans, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs states that the blue agenda is important for the survival of our planet.

He also recalled that last December at UN headquarters, Costa Rica and Ecuador presented the first joint submission to expand the outer boundaries of their continental shelves beyond the 200 nautical miles they already have in the Pacific Ocean. Its exclusive economic zone.

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