July 24, 2021

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COVID-19 and smoking, an unfriendly relationship


Sienfukos, May 31 (ACN) The World Health Organization (WHO) Among smokers, it recently confirmed on its website that the risk of serious illness and death from COVID-19 increases by 40 to 50 percent, an example of the small friendly relationship between this disease and bad smoking.

In addition to all the reasons why the World Health Organization classifies smoking as a bad practice, and is dedicated to combating it on May 31st of each year-, there are other reasons to say no to tobacco.

Following the outbreak of the corona virus with 13 positives in a key industry in the province of Xienfuqos, operators are thought to be in close proximity to a smoking area of ​​infection-related forms, according to Cuban news agency Jernis Surita Technology. Carlos Manuel de Cospets is the director of the thermoelectric plant.

After breakfast, the smokers go to the place where they put aside the mask, are covered in the scent of cigarettes and spend several minutes in a crowd about recent events.

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But still, outside of companies, those who suffer from the habit, who are on the streets, lower their nasopharynx to smoke, while inhaling the aerosols that spread the virus in the middle, rows or parks with smoke options in the direction of those nearby.

Cuban health officials emphasize that smoking every day is one of the risk factors for SARS-Cov-2, and describes the combination of the two diseases as dangerous because of the damage to patients’ lungs. COVID-19.

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Sienfukos, a small province, distributes about 45,000 people as smokers, about 10 percent of its population.
However, there are other groups that are not counted because they secretly smoke from parents and guardians, i.e. teenagers and young adults.

A study by health experts to determine “Characteristics of smoking in adolescence from a pre-university institution: Frank Pace of the municipality of Lajaz” concluded that 69 percent of smoking students lived with tobacco-related families.

Passive smokers are also found to develop serious childhood illnesses, such as the condition of children, inhaling smoke from other close people in the home, and asthma.

If the tobacco habit wants the appearance of 25 types of cancers – elongated, oral, stomach and bladder, and other disorders-, it would be convenient to reconsider the decision to put a cigarette in your mouth, and this date is the place to depart to correct a mistake.