July 24, 2021

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Covit-19 – Over 18 million epidemics in Brazil by Brenza Latina

Bolsanaro’s ally repeated the misinformation about isolation in Brazil

The portfolio states that 2,131 people died from COVIT-19 during the same period, bringing the total death toll to 504,717 since the first deaths were reported in March 2020.

The daily bulletin states that 16 million 388 thousand 847 patients are recovering from the disease and one million 161 thousand 89 are continuing under medical supervision.

State-run Agency Brazil confirmed yesterday that the capitals of five states had completely or partially suspended the use of the anti-Covit-19 vaccine.

He cited reasons such as high adherence to restrictions or suspensions by the population, difficulty in filling in quantities purchased by the ministry and distribution by state secretariats or the creation of a special calendar for the use of reinforcement levels.

He cites various reasons for the difficulty of vaccination in cities such as Florianpolis (south), Jono Bezova (east), Aracaju (northeast), Combo Grande (center-west) and Sao Paulo (southeast).

In the latter city, shares of antigens were depleted yesterday by a large following of the population, as 90 per cent of citizens between the ages of 50 and 59 received the first dose. The second application is due back tomorrow.

The Sao Paulo administration has indicated that it is “acting in accordance with the city council of the capital and sending medicines from the Ministry of Health”.

Brazil on Monday vaccinated 24 million 390 thousand 876 people against the virus in two areas, equivalent to 11.52 percent of its population, with an estimated 212 million people, according to media reports.

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The South American company became the second country in the world to surpass the half-million lives lost by Covit-19 on Saturday, surpassing 600,000 deaths due to the disease on June 15, behind the United States.

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