July 24, 2021

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Cuba has planted trees to congratulate World Environment Day

Hundreds of Cubans celebrated World Environment Day by planting trees in public places in the country this Saturday amid the effects of the US siege against the island and the corona virus infection.

In Havana, a group of workers from the city historian’s office gathered in the gardens of Fortress Adares, part of the castle structure that has been recognized by UNESCO as the World Heritage Site since 1982.

Among those in attendance was Roxana Kalsada, from the former municipality of Havana, who believes such efforts could help promote the development of ecological culture among Cubans.

“The issue of deforestation is important not only for Cuba but also for humanity. Trees help the planet to breathe, they are the lungs of the world. I am very happy to be here, ”he said.

In accordance with COVID-19’s health ethics and social distance rules, Calcada came up with his son Leonardo Arias, who for the first time made his dream of planting a tree come true.

“I like planting trees in Cuba. It is so beautiful. I’m going to plant it myself, ”the five-year-old said as he adjusted his face.

The United Nations has called for a special focus on restoring ecosystems by 2021 from projects that allow cities to reconnect with nature.

In this sense, hundreds of trees have been planted in recent days in and around the Caribbean nation as part of efforts to promote deforestation and the presence of evergreen areas.

Alejandro Palmarola, president of the Cuban Botanical Society, described the island as “extremely beneficial to horticulture” and planted plants such as mahogany, shrub and majagua, which are highly adaptable to climate change.

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“In urban areas you have to plant more trees and do well. For every tree cut down, you have to plant five new trees. This process seeks to provide people with tools so they understand how we build cities,” he said.

In this way Havana and other metropolitan areas of the country could become greener and more sustainable, which would be conducive to biodiversity, climate control and greater food resources for migratory birds coming to the country. Benefits.

According to the island’s Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment, Cuba currently has 33 percent forest cover.

Nearly 100 trees planted at Fortress Atarus this Saturday have been added to the activities of the Havana City Historian’s Office, which is expected to reclaim one of the city’s first botanical gardens of more than 2 million. population.

In addition, they have developed programs to promote a love of nature among the population and to facilitate the social inclusion of children with special needs through the therapeutic properties of plants.

In recent years, many Cuban companies have been affected by hurricanes and tropical storms to save the lives of trees damaged by environmental pollution in areas near the Gulf of Havana or to the national border.

Tatiana Fernandez, project director of the Havana City Historian’s Office, said they hope to select a site in the city to plant trees each year.

“The reception has been very positive. We want people to feel it, to mark what we are doing. It’s about replanting antioxidant trees in Havana. It’s something beautiful and necessary for the country, the world and everyone,” he added.

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