July 24, 2021

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Cuba is coming up with positive indicators for this year’s World Environment Day

Cuba, World Environment Day

Havana, June 5.- Every June 5, World Environment Day is celebrated and Cuba reaches this date with positive indicators on several dates, according to an article published National Bureau of Statistics and Information (ONEI).

Text One of the major global challenges, especially for the country, is water conservation; “Its unhealthiness alone kills the lives of millions of people a year, which doubles as the world’s population grows and its scarcity and current demand.”

This illustrates that national watersheds are affected by quantity and quality due to factors such as over-exploitation of water bodies, dumping of pollutants in water bodies, deforestation, changes in land use such as inappropriate agricultural practices, increasing urbanization in water-producing areas, and salt. Infiltration, among other things.

However, Cuba presents a continuing work with a steady rise, with the proportion of the population using advanced water resources reaching 96.7 percent in 2019.

He points out that according to the Cuban Environmental Panorama, 2020, the country exhibits difficult management of improved basic health care facilities, reaching 98.5 percent of the total basic population.

Although the knowledge of Cuban biota is incomplete, the total number of known species is 37,275, with 41, 2 percent of terrestrial diseases, and the report shows that loss of biodiversity is of concern internationally. , Which becomes an indescribable resource for the nation.

The largest in the Antilles has a total of 119 protected areas; Six biosphere reserves are internationally recognized for their diversity and conservation; Six wetlands declared Ramsar bases; Two national parks with a cultural landscape and a natural heritage of humanity.

In 2019, a total of 1,376.3 hectares were planted, with an increase of 3,286.9 hectares of forest area, with a forest cover growth of 31.7 per cent, he emphasizes.

He added that Cuba, in its commitment to tackling climate change and pursuing the Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, has created an environmental dimension in the National Plan for Economic Development as part of the progress of the economic and social development model. And Community 2030 (PNDES 2030).

“In this sense, natural resources and the implementation and control of the macroeconomic and environmental macro program through the National Environmental Strategy recently approved by the Council of Ministers as a sign of political resource development. , Illustrates the document. (ACN)

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