July 24, 2021

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Cuba reaffirms ban on child labor

Havana, June 12 (ACN) Several Cuban state and government representatives today reaffirmed their support for the ban on child labor on Saturday, International Day Against the Suffering of Thousands of Children Around the World.

Miguel Diaz-Colonel, The first secretary general of the Communist Party of Cuba and the president of the Republic in his official Twitter profile in the country, ” Child labor ban This is one of the basic principles governing the right to work. “

He added that the government protects children from any exploitation and guarantees their safety and best interests in line with international tools and obligations.

For its part, Bruno Rodriguez Barrilla, According to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) 160 million children currently do some work, the Foreign Minister pointed out on the same social network; No one is a Cuban.

On World Day Against Child Labor, we acknowledge its ban in Cuba. The Chancellor said the focus on the higher education level of the population and the family ensures the safety of minors.

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Ana Maria Marie Machado, deputy chairwoman of the National People’s Authority, also spoke on the networks that the government protects children from any tool and guarantees their safety and best interests in line with international tools and obligations.

According to a report published on the UNICEF website on the situation of children in Cuba, the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) in the Caribbean came into force on September 20, 1991, with a statement signed by the President of the State Council, the official newspaper when its full text was published.

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Currently, the country has a population under the age of 18, which represents about 21 percent of the total population, i.e. about 2.3 million minors.

According to the report, the net enrollment rate in primary education is 99.1 percent and the overall enrollment rate in secondary education is 96.4 percent, with high rates of gender equality at all levels of education.

As other evidence of the government’s protection work towards childhood, more than 400 minors live in homes for girls and boys without family protection managed by the Ministry of Education.

These companies have the human, material and financial resources they need to grow as close as possible to the conditions of a family home, with a small number of children.

Since 2002, the World Day Against Child Labor, Ordered by the International Labor Organization, condemns the exploitation of children in many parts of the world, forcing children to work and deny them all rights to education, health and all life. Allowing for its growth and comprehensive well-being.

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Meanwhile, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) target of 8.7 “must take immediate and effective measures to eradicate forced labor, end contemporary slavery and human trafficking, and ensure the elimination and elimination of abusive forms of child labor and child labor.” By 2025, child labor will be eliminated in all its forms, including recruitment and application.