July 24, 2021

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Evo Morales asks Macri to be prosecuted for sending ammunition to Bolivia

Former President of Bolivia Evo Morales This Wednesday, July 14, 2021 the former Argentine president asked Mauricio Macri Should be investigated for the case allegedly sent to Bolivia Ammunition and riot gear To suppress protests in that country in November 2019 after he stepped down from power.

“Macri should be investigated and tried for his role Ft. If appropriate Hand him over Justice will see it. There can be no more presidents who support conspiracies, ”Morales L. Ankavar told radio.

He added that he had not spoken to Macri “in the days of regime change” Macri’s order And inference Alberto Fernandez, In December 2019, Morales emigrated to Argentina, where he stayed Bolivian elections of 2020, Which sent his party MAS back to power.

“I voted for Macri to be elected president, but now I see what you sent The object of war. You can’t understand that they have that mentality, ”he added.

“It is necessary to investigate whether the weapons sent by Macri killed the Bolivians,” he said.

Macri says they were sent to protect the embassy, ​​but then why did they do so Armed Forces Do you appreciate the support? (2) The commanders of the forces asked them to buy them Answer Because they are not enough. But no. My job has always been for life, ”he stressed.

Meaning to have arrived on a plane from Argentine Air Force Arrived with a group of members in La Paz on November 13, 2019 National Gendermary (Argentine Border Police) ordered to provide security for the Argentine Embassy in Bolivia.

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Argentine troops reached Peace A day later Genine ez He later accepted the presidency of Bolivia Evo MorelLeaving the regime on November 10, it is the victim of a conspiracy.

Official records show exit, according to an administrative investigation by the Argentine government Guns, Ammunition, bulletproof vests, pepper spray and Hand grenades Harassment gas, among other substances.

According to the investigation, “discrepancies” were found in this regard Subject Recorded in Bolivia Police Records.

# Attention | Bolivia investigates whether Ecuador sent “weapons of war” to Jean’s government httez »https://bit.ly/3zmOZ1O

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