July 24, 2021

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Fear of Communism is gathering thousands of Keiko Fujimori voters in Lima

(EFE) .- “For Peace and Democracy” they gathered in Lima this Saturday Thousands of voters Of the presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori (Right), gathered by fears of communism and terrorism, confirm that Castillo will bring his candidacy if the left-wing Pontifical wins the election.

Mobilization begins in the Neurogic Plaza San Martin, marching against thousands of Peruvians a week ago in the same scene Fujimori, Proves the legacy of his father Alberto Fujimori (1990-2000), who was sentenced to 25 years in prison for crimes against humanity and corruption.

Among the participants were the flags of Peru and the shirts of the football team, following the example of Fujimori Party candidate Fursa Popular, who has been campaigning throughout the second round with the national team shirt to symbolize that vote for her country.

As part of the $ 1 million campaign against Castillo, large billboards and banners with the message “No to Communism” and “No to Terrorism” were erected in the big cities of Peru for weeks. Enhances the polarized posture of these Elections.

“We cannot allow the Peruvians to rule communism. It is necessary to defend Peru against it.”

“We Peruvians cannot allow communism to rule us. It is necessary to defend Peru against it,” young Diego Vargas, one of the national team’s white and red jersey wearers, told EFE.

“I think it is imperative for every Peruvian to protect the homeland from a major threat posed by the Peruvian Libre (party), which is to provide Peruvian communism,” Vargas said.

Milacros Zion, one of the participants in the small group of friends or family, assured Efe that they were all there “for the struggle for democracy.”

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“My country is on the brink of collapse. At this time we see our brother countries suffering. This is the situation in Chile, Argentina, Venezuela, Cuba. Do we really want it to be like this now?”, Zion asked. , The answer he kept in the mask: “Not for communism.”

Along with the fear of communism, there is also the fear of an imaginary re-emergence of terrorism among Fujimori voters in the form of the internal armed conflict (1980-2000) caused by the Maoist group Centro Luminoso and the Marxist revolutionary movement. Tobak Amaru (MRDA).

For this reason, in particular, Julio, alarmed by the massacre of 16 people this week in the valley of Apuremac, Ine and the Montero Rivers (VRAEM), the largest cocoa growing area in Peru, has arrived, where there is still a small remnant of the Shining Path. Funded by drug trafficking, he acts as a bodyguard.

“I have my polo [camiseta] From [Mario] Vargas Losa“If I go to the streets with him, I’m not scared, but if I go out with a polo shirt that says Abimelez Guzman (founder of the Shining Path) is a murderer, I’m scared,” he told Julio Efe in his shirt with a photo of the Nobel Prize for Literature.

The writer has become a fierce opponent of Fujimoris since he lost the presidential election to Alberto Fujimori 30 years ago These elections Keiko Fujimori’s high media support, for which he was asked to vote against Castillo’s candidacy.

“I think I owe a lot to Peru Vargas Losa. In his time, the ideas he proposed to Peru were very shocking because they were so distorted as economic shock or honest prices. It was a very painful move, but it paid off now that he is hated. Thanksgiving will always be like that,” Julio said. Said.

“I think I owe a lot to Peru Vargas Losa. In his time, the ideas he proposed to Peru were very innovative.”

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The march, which then proceeded to the nearby Campo de Marte park, where several speeches were made, made several tense attempts, while several tense attempts were made to remind the accused that different individuals other than Fujimorists had served more than 30 years in prison for the corruption offense facing Keiko Fujimori. .

Later, the march for “peace and democracy” became hostile to dissidents, shouting “Terroko” (terrorist) and “communist” until they were expelled from the square.

Also, late at night, some supporters came from Castillo-run party Libre, which caused tension at a time when there were no police guards in a square.

It took place eight days before the second round of the presidential election, next Sunday, June 6, when more than 25 million Peruvians will be summoned to choose the person who will rule Peru for the next five years.


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