July 24, 2021

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Fujimori supporters attack ministers’ cars in Peru

Peru-Fujimori elections (AP)

Supporters of the Peruvian presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori They attacked cars carrying health and housing ministers during a protest on Wednesday, confirming without evidence of fraud in the June presidential election.

President, Francisco Chagasti In an interview with local television station N, he said his government, which ends on July 28, would not tolerate “acts of violence” because “what happened today marks a gap, which will not continue.” It is the first time in decades that protesters have attacked the official cars of two ministers on the same day.

Fujimori said at night on his account Twitter He hoped that his Fursa Popular Party would “reject any act of violence committed today” and that “those responsible will be identified.”

Security cameras showed dozens of protesters pelting Health Minister Oscar Ugart’s car with stones and sticks on a street near the presidential palace. The car of Housing Minister Solangal Fernandes was also attacked by protesters, confirming the office of the Council of Ministers.

Both ministers were unharmed, but after the incident, Ugarte told reporters that “he was immobile, as there was no justification for the violence in the first block of Dakna Avenue.” Ugarde said that thanks to police reinforcement, his car was able to continue on its way.

The protesters harassed at least two journalists from the ATV and Channel My TV stations and physically assaulted the photographer of the La Replica newspaper that covered the demonstration. Videos aired by local media also showed several protesters throwing chairs from restaurants near Lima’s main square.

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Hundreds of agents chased protesters with tear gas and horses as they tried to bypass bars that prevented them from reaching the presidential palace.

Fujimori confirms that he “will not accept” the election results in favor of the left-wing professor Point Pedro Castillo In the days leading up to the June 6 election, the right-wing candidate who promised to “guarantee democratic behavior for the bigots” called for the cancellation of thousands of votes cast for Castillo, which was more than just 44,000 votes.

Fujimori, 46, the daughter of imprisoned former President Alberto Fujimori (1990-2000), says her rival Castillo planned a “fraud” without conclusive evidence. However, 14 electoral missions, United States The European Union (EU) has said no election was called for.

Candidate President Chastity accused him of “abandoning his great responsibility of guaranteeing clean elections” and asked in a letter that the “international organizations” in Peru review the results. Chagasti denied the allegations and reaffirmed his neutrality in the elections.

According to experts, the Peruvian Electoral Court could prepare the results early next week. Fujimori’s election lawyer, Julio Costiglioni, admitted in an interview with local radio RBP on Tuesday that the candidate could not outperform his rival.

The election uncertainty in Peru, which has not yet announced a winner more than a month before the election, is the longest in the country’s recent history.

Whoever wins the presidential election will rule for five years from July 28.