July 24, 2021

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German city presents paintings inspired by the Vietnamese classic novel – Brenza Latina

The exhibition, which will air online until August 1, compiles 24 paintings made of wood and paper and, according to the organizers, describes the image and role of women in the modern world.

The selection, entitled Female Gay, proposes an approach to Queen Du’s mission, and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) declared her world cultural celebrity and promoted her ambassador to China in 1813.

Historia de Q is a story of over 3,200 verses composed with Han-Nom characters – a logographic script used in the past to write in Vietnamese – it is the country’s most translated work with 31 languages, including French, English, Chinese, Spanish and Hungarian.

Considered to be the most important poem of the Asian nation, this text was first published in 1815, describing the political and social upheavals of the 18th century and its main theme being Philial devotion, an element contributed by the Confucian philosophical system.

Franca Bartholomew is one of the most acclaimed contemporary sculptors in Germany and won the Lucas Granz Prize for his Irlichter wood piece, which, according to the jury, is a playful and dream-like story with black and white contrasts and wonderful atmospheric images.

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