July 24, 2021

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Haitian Senate President’s Postponement | Latin America | D.W.

The Senate of Haiti on Saturday (07.10.2021) postponed the investment of Joseph Lambert as interim president of the Republic, a move planned today, a day after the upper house appointed him to the post, in defiance of the current government.

Lambert, the Senate chairman, told the Spanish agency that the move had been postponed “without clarifying a new date to celebrate the investment” at the request of the senators.

“The senators have decided to postpone the inauguration scheduled for this afternoon. They all want to be active in the candidacy. There is a need to rebuild confidence in our country,” Lambert commented on Twitter.

Of the eight senators who approved the resolution in support of their president on Friday, only two appeared at the investment ceremony, according to local media, one of whom was Lambert.

Interim Prime Minister Claude Joseph, who took over as the country’s commander-in-chief after the assassination of President Joanel Moss last Wednesday, has not commented on the Senate’s violation and the measures being taken to free him.

A resolution passed by the upper house considers that Joseph was removed from his post by an order signed by Moss last Monday, denying that there is any justification for him continuing to lead the government for this.

After the assassination, Joseph assumed administrative responsibility with the support of the police and military, and has the support of the United Nations, the United States and other countries.

Two-thirds of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate should have been renewed, but the elections were postponed due to the political instability the country was experiencing at the time, which led to the closure of the legislature.

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Meanwhile, a Haitian government spokesman, Frant Xantas, said a team of Colombian police investigators had arrived in Port-au-Prince on Saturday to support an investigation into Moss’ murder.

On Friday, Colombian President Ivan Duke agreed to send a commission of inquiry into the assassination of Claude Joseph “to find out the truth about material and intellectual writers”, including 26 Colombians and two Americans of Haitian descent. 17 people have been arrested.

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