July 24, 2021

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India registers corona virus cases of new mutation ‘Delta Plus’

With the worldwide spread of the delta strain of the corona virus, which was first registered in India last October, the same Asian country is witnessing the first occurrence of more than twenty new strain ‘Delta Plus’. The state of Maharashtra witnessed the highest number of victims on Sunday, June 20 and confirmed at least 8 cases, almost all of which were registered in Ratnagiri.

The Delta Plus or AO1 variant is the newest variant of the highly contagious Delta, which is the “dominant and strongest variant” in the country, said Sujeet Singh, director of the New Delhi-based National Center for Disease Control. The parameters of its transmission and intensity are studied by Insagoco (India SARS-CoV-2 Genomic Consortia) laboratories, the Times of India collects.

In addition to the latest models, experts will review previous issues to establish whether this variant already existed in March or April. The Center has issued a statement on the matter in the coming days and assured the person in charge.

The first evidence of this new corona virus mutation was found last May in samples collected in the aforementioned city of Ratnagiri.

India Today said on June 20 that Delta Plus was not considered a basis for panic or a special concern in the country. This strain is believed to be native to Europe, which may have appeared by the end of March. There are only a dozen confirmed cases of this variation worldwide.

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