June 15, 2021

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Keiko Fujimori condemns election fraud without evidence and shakes up final vote count in Peru | International

Keiko Fujimori is agitated with his suspicions Number of votes in Peru. The Conservative candidate had promised to accept the results during the campaign, but in reality he has questioned the process. Fujimori Appeared at a press conference this Monday Point Pedro Castillo 95,000 votes are in attendance and waiting for the votes of Peruvians abroad, indicating that there are a number of irregularities that could be election frauds. The policy does not actually present any evidence that this is so.

“There is a clear intention to ignore the will of the people,” Fujimori said. He asked people to spread videos proving this with the hashtag #FraudeEnMesa. Among the signs he spoke of were the minute challenges made by members of Castillo’s party, a practice provided by law, and his training. When the results of a table are not in their favor and the document presents some kind of defect, those responsible for the injured party are asked to cancel it. Electoral power has the last word. In practice, it is not abusive to challenge for a large number of minutes.

There are some isolated incidents where officials are isolated in some polling stations, so they are known. The Fursa popular candidate, who is running for a third consecutive term in the second presidential round, has no plans to speak until 100% of the vote is counted. However, Left-wing Professor Point Pedro Castillo He excluded himself from 96.387% of the study (50.281% and 49.719%). Fujimori appeared to arouse the suspicions of a Puccheroso, occupying the vice-presidents of his imaginary government with two candidates.

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Fujimori’s statement contradicts the assessment of election monitoring missions. For example, the head of the OAS mission greeted Monday afternoon Peru For a peaceful and democratic realization of Sunday. “I recognize the election officials for organizing the most complex process marked by epidemics and political polarization,” Ruben Rameres said in a video posted on Twitter.

Given the small difference in the number of votes between one candidate and the other, and the sluggishness of the study – one percent of the vote from rural constituencies and abroad is still unaccounted for – Castillo and Fujimori I are concerned about the vote, only conservatives have spoken directly about fraud.

OAS mission leader Fujimori and Castillo were asked to wait patiently and calmly for results. “Any inconsistency will be resolved through legal channels,” he said. When will the leader of Fursa Popular repeat the 2016 script Pablo Kuczynski of Point Pedro It was awarded to the winner – the tenth – by a pollster in quick numbers. In the days that followed, he and his campaign team denounced the theft of their elections. When the National Electoral Tribunal declared Kuczynski the winner, President Fujimori and his party blocked the newly elected government with hopeless movements.

Despite Fujimori’s attitude, not everything is said. The distance is still reversible. It is there to count the votes abroad, and in theory she has more support. “We know the votes of Peruvians living abroad are coming in and we hope the votes match this number of minutes,” he said.

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In addition, a report on the work of inter-American electoral bodies recognized the efforts of ONPE, the Peruvian Electoral Commission and the National Electoral Arbitration Council to streamline the proper and successful process in line with national and international standards. . “After Fujimori’s announcement, Ivan Lanegra, general secretary of the Peruvian Civil Transparency Association – an expert on election monitoring – turned down the opportunity to speak of” fraud “in elections.

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