July 24, 2021

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Lebanese president seeks help from immigrants – Brenza Latin

Aun asked for support to reactivate the economic sector to give citizens a chance and restore the value of the national currency.

“It is important to revive the Lebanese economy abroad and to minimize the consequences of the current situation on their comrades,” the text reads.

In the opinion of the Lebanese head of state, he stressed that the crisis was caused by massive external debt resulting from corruption, waste of public funds, plunder and bad governance.

The impact of the Syrian refugees, anti-government protests in October 2019, the outbreak of the Govt-19 epidemic and the eruption in the port of Beirut added to the situation.

According to observers, the total Lebanese decline began to approach with shortages of fuel, drugs and basic commodities and a 100 percent depreciation of the Lebanese pound against the dollar and a shortage of foreign exchange.

The World Bank has rated the Lebanese crisis as the worst since the mid-19th century.

With about 14 million Lebanese and their descendants out of the country, immigrants have accelerated the national economy with their remittances or investments, yet in the face of a worsening global situation and prevailing corruption, foreigners have stopped their exports.

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