July 24, 2021

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Meets Puebla Group elected President of Peru

Buenos Aires, June 26 (Brenza Latin) Political figures, including the Puebla Group and eight other organizations, today held a virtual meeting with newly elected Peruvian President Point Pedro Castillo, in which they called for the defense of democracy and sovereignty.
Meets Puebla Group elected President of Peru
During the video conference, Castillo expressed his gratitude for the unity in support of democracy for the oppressed people. Thank you for your open support before the world, as the European Community, other international organizations and the people as a whole have done, he said.

Similarly, he pointed out that there is no place today other than waiting for election officials to do the right thing that people need to see politically and openly.

‘There are a lot of issues along the way and we hope we don’t get distracted while the city continues to die. That is our concern, “said David Cook, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau.

The meeting took place after winning the referendum on June 6, following the failure of right-wing efforts to destabilize the country to prevent a rural teacher from running for president, announcing the results of the electoral justice system.

The meeting was attended by representatives of progressive organizations around the world, including former President of the Spanish government Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, Vice President of Peru Dina Pollarte and the Sao Paulo Forum.

Taking to the ground, Zapatero said these elections in Peru are the most followed in the world. A country has moved on to a kind of permanent endeavor to create profound social change, never-to-be-implemented, advances in favor of equality and a stable democracy.

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I think there is a great opportunity, this election is of great importance that the former president of Spain, who is considered, has called on the governments of Latin America to launch a better recovery program in the region designed for the weak.

He noted that this would be a decisive moment in the epidemic of democracy in Latin America.

For her part, Peruvian Vice President Tina Pollarte called on her country’s electoral arbitral tribunal to carry out its role in accordance with the political constitution, and it should not take longer for Castillo to declare victory, but for the nation as a whole, which he decided in the election by a majority vote.

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