July 24, 2021

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Mercosur Celebrates Heads of State Summit – Brenza Latin

With a volume marked by profound differences between the many founding nations, Fernandez will present a virtual appointment from the Casa Rosada Byzantine Museum, which will be attended by leaders of Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay, as well as many special guests.

Issues such as tariffs and agreements with third countries have cracked within the alliance, while Argentina has played a key role in calls for coordination during these six months of pro-presidency, 30 years after its formation, especially between a Govt-19 that has hit many of these countries.

With the conflicting view between Fernandez and Jair Bolzano, Brazil will be responsible for taking over Mercosur’s rule next semester, which will be even more complicated and with more tension within the coalition.

Precisely the previous day, the Uruguayan government had announced that it would negotiate trade agreements outside the Mercosur framework, a decision announced, while the foreign ministers of the coalition partners did not attempt to reach agreements related to the reduction of common external tariffs.

In a virtual meeting in the presence of Bolivia, Argentine Foreign Minister Felipe Sole said yesterday that there was no doubt that Mercosur was Argentina’s key platform for progress towards inclusion in world trade and that Argentina believed that its integration and joint action was a key. Profitable insertion.

When taking the role of management, the head of Argentine diplomacy during this last semester discussed the revision of common external tariffs, an important tool of foreign and general trade policy.

During this time Argentina worked to create a greater unity, with researchers reporting that a thread would hang when Mercosur fell into Bolsanaro’s hands.

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One of the challenges of the camp over the next six months will be to implement the differences and prioritize the consensus that Mercosur is the best platform to promote openness outside.

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