July 24, 2021

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Moscow is establishing additional measures to control the virus

Satellite 580x327The mayor of the capital, Sergei Sofian, announced this Saturday that additional measures would be taken to prevent the rise of COVID-19 until June 21, the next week’s holiday in the city.

According to PL, the order covers the protection of employees’ salaries and applies to companies and organizations of all types of assets that do not work on weekends, unless they are decisive for the functioning of urban infrastructure.

This does not apply to defense agencies, the State Atomic Energy Agency, the Central Space Agency, and other strategic industries in the country.

Under the new measures, from June 13 to 20, Moscow restaurants and clubs will be able to serve only food that will take visitors from 11:00 pm to 6:00 am.

Children’s rooms and restaurants in large supermarkets, shopping centers and more will be closed these days.

In addition, recreational and recreational facilities in the squares and natural areas of the city will not operate. There are no playgrounds or playgrounds.

Agencies, companies and organizations also recommend returning to long-distance work with unvaccinated employees, at least 30 percent of pay. In this case, they should give priority to those over 65 or suffer from chronic diseases, said Sofianin.

Among other measures, the mayor stressed that all citizens should strictly adhere to anti-epidemic measures to avoid traveling with the elderly and intensify vaccination against Govt-19.

According to epidemiologists, it is now necessary to reduce the spread of SARS-CoV-2 corona virus, taking into account that the number of new infections in Moscow has increased to peak values ​​by 2020.

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Doctors said there were several serious patients, Sofianin said. “Not only are patients in traditional risk groups. Many middle-aged and young people are also seriously ill,” the mayor stressed.

As of this Saturday, 6,701 new infections have been reported in Moscow, of which 1,600 have been hospitalized and 67 patients have died.