July 24, 2021

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Nicaragua and Crimea to sign economic-trade agreement – Brenza Latin

This was announced by Larano Ortega, Presidential Adviser on Investment, Trade and International Cooperation, who arrived in Managua the previous day with a high-level delegation from the Crimea in the framework of the first exchange.

The executive adviser said the direct exchange with Crimea would help strengthen bilateral relations with Russia.

He explained that the growth achieved by that autonomous republic in areas such as agriculture, tourism and renewable energy projects is positive in this regard.

On the other hand, Nicaraguan products such as coffee, cocoa, cigars, sugar, fish, shellfish and crustaceans can be found on the Black Sea Peninsula market.

The multi-day visit to Nicaragua was led by Jorge Muradov, Vice President of the Council of Ministers of Crimea, and was attended by Finance Minister Irina Kivikov; And consultant Alexander Miranov.

Upon his arrival in Managua, Muradov expressed his pride in being on Nicaraguan soil and his thanks to a government that was the first to recognize the sovereign republic of Crimea after the coup in Ukraine in 2014.

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