July 24, 2021

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Nicaraguan government opposes US intervention – Brenza Latin

Next, the full text of the newsletter:

In order to dictate illegal, arbitrary, coercive and unilateral actions against the citizens of Nicaragua, the imperialist and colonial government of North America is in the style of interfering and interfering in the internal affairs of our countries. The only crime is to represent the dignity and heroism of our people.

The Government of Reconciliation and National Unity strongly opposes the continued violation of the international apparatus governing the sovereignty of the states, declares that we do not recognize ourselves as a colony of any power, and that we legitimize national dignity and adornment against the protection of our sovereignty against the United States of America and any other colonial and neocolonial institution. At this point, they believe they have the power to suppress and humiliate our freedom.

In the twentieth year, and from the brave and courageous memory of the Yankees to all its unknown presentations, Nicaragua has been blessed and always free, once again in the history of the homeland and freedom, from the greatest Nicaraguans, spiritual geniuses and patriots, Ruben Tario and Augusto.

This new violation of Nicaragua’s sovereignty only confirms what we have condemned about Vendepatrismo and its hypocrisy and acts of terrorism and kidnapping, which has been on the rise since the 2018 coup attempt. These days, precisely when the main promoters and actors of that terrorist conspiracy sponsored by the United States and other imperialist powers are before justice, as the people of Nicaragua demanded, we confirm our historical reason.

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Managua, June 9, 2021

Reconciliation Government

And national unity

Republic of Nicaragua