June 15, 2021

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Pedro Castillo declares himself winner in the election in Peru

Point Pedro Castillo speaks to his supporters. Photo: Reuters

Peru Libre candidate Point Pedro Castillo has declared himself the winner of this Tuesday night’s presidential election. “We will be a government that respects democracy and build a government with the current constitution and financial and economic stability,” Castillo told his supporters in Lima.

In the Andes and the Amazon, the candidate has a higher presence than election officials, who have not yet reached 100% of the vote, and are currently counting the ballots of Peruvians abroad and isolated rural areas. S.Castillo received 50.24% of the vote, compared to 49.75% for Keiko Fujimori, currently at 99.39%. The lowest 84,000 votes separate the two.

Castillo called on members of the Peruvian electoral system to “respect the will of the Peruvian people” because his auditors’ report, at the end of his own vote count, confirms that “the people have succeeded in this achievement.” He urged his followers not to fall for any provocation.

“The rise of the dollar is going to go up a few more points tomorrow. There are some tricks like bread, chicken, family basket. It’s a lie. People are uncertain about what’s going on. I can no longer trust them. I have to tell you, “he said.

The teacher and former union leader said he had met with representatives of the Peruvian business community and expressed their support and assured them of a “government with financial and economic stability.”

Castillo also said he had received congratulations from “some Latin American embassies and governments” for the positive outcome of the election.

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So far, 523 minutes have been counted, with the Peruvian majority voting abroad.

Unlike the alleged fraud allegation made on Monday by Fujimori, he pointed out that there were more than a thousand entries that competed, with ONPE acknowledging the number that should be estimated at only 454 entries in its report.

They are investigating Peru’s ambassador to the United States

On the other hand, the State Department said it had opened a preliminary investigation against the Peruvian embassy in Hartford (United States), and after an audio leak he said he believed Keiko Fujimori was going with the limelight.

“As reported yesterday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs accepted the immediate decision to detain for 56 minutes in sealed envelopes belonging to the jurisdiction of the Consulate General of Peru in Hartford. He will transfer them to Lima and hand them over to ONPE, the Foreign Ministry said.

The day before Fujimori was accused of “legitimate fraud” in Sunday’s elections for alleged irregularities in favor of Castillo, this version was rejected by election monitoring missions and election monitoring missions on Tuesday.

No fraud

This Tuesday, observers dismissed the allegations as election fraud, as Keiko Fujimori said. Adriana Urutia, president of the Transparency Civil Society, said there was no evidence or indication of “legitimate fraud” in the second round of the presidential election in Peru, and that the incidents were only “isolated cases” already taking place. Inquired.

This number has been very slow since the election ended and is expected to continue throughout the day on Wednesday, however, does not mean that there is already a definite winner, because an election tribunal is responsible for resolving disputes that arise. Voting tables. If a record is contested, a special arbitrator will give you one day to do so. Also, in the latter case, if there is no agreement, there is an opportunity to appeal to the National Electoral Arbitration Board, which will have 7 days to respond.

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The person in charge of the organization responsible for ensuring the proper functioning of institutions and democracy in the country came out against the “unsubstantiated” complaint released this Monday by presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori, who said in a vote last Sunday that it was a “fraudulent system”.

“There is a clear intent to ignore the will of the people,” Fujimori said in a vote against his rival, Pedro Castillo.

“There is no fraud. There are only isolated cases worthy of trial,” the political scientist said, adding that in addition to the lack of support provided by Fujimori’s complaint, there was evidence collected by more than 1,400 volunteers from the organization. Point out that “the voting was carried out in full nature.”

Therefore, he stressed: “There is no evidence in our reports that we can talk about a formal fraud.”

In this sense, the leader of Transparency in his complaint pointed out that the Fujimori party’s Furyza Popular is the reason why he used the word fraud, and reiterated his demand that it should not be used falsely in this electoral context. There is no evidence that it exists, and it is time to trust the work of the authorities, the electoral process and the respect for the ballot. “

“In an already polarized voting process, fraud is a matter of concern. You have to wait calmly and quietly for the results,” he added.

Of the more than 1,300 election records found, only 485, according to candidate statements, are available for free on the Office of the National Electoral Processes Office (ONPE). .

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In the opinion of the political scientist, reporting “fraud” creates distrust among election officials, and it is in this process that it leads to distrust of the results and reduces the fairness of the elected representative.

(Information from EFE)