July 24, 2021

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Political parties and organizations are putting forward a “super demand for indictment” against Bolzano

He is fighting against Brazilian President Jair Bolsanaro. June 19, 2021. Photo: Mariana Graf / Reuters.

Several political parties and organizations filed a super-demand ‘indictment’ against Brazilian President Jair Bolzano this Wednesday. It is alleged that there were irregularities in the invoice for the millionaire purchase of Indian vaccine Kovacs.

The document, presented to the Chamber of Deputies, was prepared by the Jurists Association for Democracy in Brazil (ABJD), and Brings together the arguments of another 123 claims for the indictment previously filed.

In total, 23 Responsibility offenses are the cause of the extreme rightAmong them, the corona virus acted with “negligence” in managing the infection, which has already killed more than 510,000 people in the country.

Earlier calls for a political trial against the president had not been made because they had been rejected by Arthur Lira, chairman of the Chamber of Deputies and an associate of Bolsanaro.

With this super request, it is hoped that if he accepts the lira — it is not possible — he will press for it to be sent to a special commission and then to the full session of the chamber. Of the 513 delegates, 342 are due to go to the Senate.

Movements that signed the document include the Brazilian Press Association (Abi), the National Council of Christian Churches of Brazil (CONIC) and the Landless Workers Movement (MST).

It is said to be an illegal project

That same week, all three senators voted against the president “Advance” complaint to the Supreme Court for failing to report suspicious fraud in the ‘Kovacs’ case.

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It all started when Deputy Luis Claudio Miranda confirmed to the Parliamentary Commission – which has been investigating the administrator for two months about possible defects caused by the epidemic – that he informed Bolzano in March about an illegal project in the Ministry of Health. Indian Immunization Purchase Millionaire.

Upon contact, Bolzano said he would notify federal police, but did not do so. The president has denied any liability for the extra charges found.

Following the unraveling of the scandal, the government on Tuesday ordered the suspension of a contract signed with Indian pharmaceutical company Bharat Biotech.

“Taking into account the signs of withdrawal from the actions of the President after the announcement of possible administrative offenses (…) it is imperative to deepen the investigation into the possible practice of established criminal liability offense,” the document said.

The far right is experiencing a sharp decline in celebrity, Who took to the streets to protest against him.

In addition, a final poll shows that in a fictitious election, former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva will win the first round with 49% of the vote, compared to the 23% that Bolzano will receive.

(With information provided by RT in Spanish)