July 24, 2021

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Protests across Brazil against the government of Bolzano

Brasilia-. Political parties, popular, social, labor and student organizations have called for protests across Brazil today against the government of President Jair Bolzano, who has always adhered to health norms in the face of the Covit-19 epidemic.

People on the street: Under the call of Bolsanaro out, the organizers of the protests, they called # 29M, called for the removal of the former army and an end to his denial raised during the health catastrophe.

The Bolsanaro Out Front has condemned the president’s insistence on prescribing drugs without proven efficacy, such as chloroquine, for not using masks and for promoting early treatment against pathogens without scientific verification.

He insisted that street events were called to reject the death and starvation government and to hear the president’s indictment (indictment).

Protesters this Saturday will also support the work of the Parliamentary Inquiry Commission, which has been assessing the actions, shortcomings and negligence of the executive in the face of more than 455,000 deaths and more than 16 million. Infections to date.

They will demand more acceleration in the vaccination against the SARS-CoV-2 corona virus that causes Govt-19, and the return of 600 Rice ($ 108) emergency assistance after being reduced to the limit of $ 150 ($ 27). 300 Rice ($ 54).

Movements such as the anti-racism struggle, the end of police violence in Brazil and public education are on the mobilization agenda.

In a note posted on the Labor Party website, its leader, Clissie Hoffman, asked people to go outside to wear masks, carry alcohol gel and keep distance.

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“To say that being on the streets is enough to fight is a serious act. We are all tired and tired of this misery that is destined for the country,” Hoffman said.

‘The critical moment of the epidemic is known, but without income, without work, struggling to survive on the streets every day, exposing themselves to the virus, without support or government attention’.

“Those in the danger group and those who do not or do not want to go out on the street, do not stop participating in the struggle, demonstrate through social networks or the windows of their homes wherever they are,” Hoffman stressed.

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