July 24, 2021

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Protests were expected in Brazil demanding the removal of Bolzano

The table also predicts that the ex-military will be mobilized during a presentation at the Chamber of Deputies on a joint charge (political inquiry) set for next Wednesday in the capital.

The decisive element in opening the process of Bolsanaro’s accusation was the mass struggle. On July 3, we would like to send a message to (below) Chamber President Arthur Lira, ” said Jono Paolo Rodriguez from the National Coalition of the Landless Rural Workers Movement and the Popular Brazil Front.

The Senate Commission to Evaluate Public Administration before the Govt-19 (CBI) last Friday expedited the mobilization process for Bolsanaro’s clothes and tears, with allegations of corruption in the purchase of Kovacin, the Indian Govt-19 vaccine, for his filing.

According to the Atul portal in Red Brazil, at a recent meeting of the Front … there was a similarity in the currents of the new demonstration to take place next Saturday.

“The new facts show convincing elements of the Bolsanaro government’s corruption case and further strengthen its genocidal nature because it was corrupted by life – saving vaccines,” de Fado website told Ico Brazil, president of the National Student Union. Montalvio.

The ICC last week noted that fraud had been compromised in negotiations between the Ministry of Health, which is responsible for the sale of drugs produced by Indian laboratory Bharat Biotech in Brazil, and Precisa Medicamendos, for the purchase of covaxin levels.

In testimony last Friday, Deputy Luis Miranda said that the name Bolsanaro mentioned for the plan to buy Kovacs was, with extra charge, MP Ricardo Barros.

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With the new complaints, the mobilization to remove the president was a prelude to this Saturday, when the president was received with demonstrations in the southern state of Santa Catarina.

“Unity was able to point to a path to Bolsanaro’s defeat,” said Edson Corneiro Antio, a member of the Povo Cem Meadow (People without Fear) Front and general secretary of Intercindical.

He noted the need to protest against hunger, unemployment and the urgent need for 600 rice (approximately 6,106).

To date, Brazil has accumulated 513 thousand 474 lives and 18 million 420 thousand 598 infections, caused by the SARS-CoV-2 corona virus that causes Govit-19.