July 24, 2021

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Putin reveals Russia’s key goals for Biden summit

According to the Russian president, the meeting with Python will not be “in vain” if countries are able to establish operations in different regions. Photo: Reuters

Russian President Vladimir Putin has revealed his main objectives for the summit with his US rival, Joe Biden, are to re-establish personal contacts, create a direct dialogue and develop mechanisms of communication that actually work.

Putin added that at the June 16 meeting, the leaders will discuss strategic stability, regional conflicts, economic cooperation and ecological issues.

According to the Russian president, the meeting with Python will not be “in vain” if countries are able to establish operations in different regions. “It seems to me that it would be better if we could develop mechanisms for working in all these areas after this meeting. We can say that the meeting was not in vain,” he stressed.

Similarly, the president attributed the decline in negative rhetoric from the United States to Russia to creating a favorable environment for the summit in Geneva (Switzerland), in an interview with journalist Bevel Sarupin on the Rosia 1 channel.

In other statements, Putin sees this as an expression of a “professional approach” from the US side. “We, for our part, do it,” he stressed.
Economic cooperation

In addition, the Russian president said that many American companies want to work in Russia, but with some restrictions take them out of the market. According to him, Washington and Moscow can effectively cooperate, including with the economic sector.

“There is mutual interest. Many American companies want to work with us, but they push them out of our market and lead to competition. But does it benefit the US economy?” Putin asked.
Strategic nuclear sustainability

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Putin, meanwhile, said he hoped the meeting with Biden would create conditions for further discussions on strategic nuclear stability.

Therefore, the head of state confirmed that the US extension of the Strategic Disarmament Agreement, also known as the new START or START III, for five years has demonstrated Python’s professional potential.

According to the President, the extension of the agreement was carried out “on the basis of a professional analysis of the situation in the world and our relations, our capabilities”, while qualifying as “the most important step”.

Putin added that Russia had not taken any steps to worsen relations with the United States on security issues.

To give an example, he cited security concerns about placing war offensive systems. “It simply came to our notice then [el caso de] Poland and Romania: Missile defense systems have already been used there, and it is possible to set up missile defense systems. But we have withdrawn our military base from Cuba. We did not do it, and our partners do it unfortunately, “said Putin.

“I have high hopes and hope this is a personal meeting [con Biden] At least create conditions for us to discuss these kinds of issues, “said the Russian leader.

Cyber ​​security issues

The Russian president stressed that cyber security is one of the most important topics in the debate, as “hackers” can disable entire systems, “leading to very serious consequences”. According to his reports, Russia would be ready to extradite cybercriminals to the United States only if the North American country extradited the perpetrators to Russia.

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“If we agree to extradite the perpetrators, Russia will certainly do so. He stressed that such obligations are expressed in the agreements between the states concerned, where “the parties accept certain obligations. […] And they are very similar. Both parties accept the same obligations, “he reiterated.

(Taken from Russia today)