July 24, 2021

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Summit with SICA and Meeting on Migration, Highlights of Sanchez’s Costa Rica Trip

The president is coming to the region after the visits of Blingen and Harris last week

Madrid, 10 June. (Europa Press) –

The head of government, Pedro Sanchez, is visiting Costa Rica this Thursday, highlighting the importance Spain places on its relationship with Central America and its willingness to help meet the challenges facing these countries. Before him, at the forefront of the issue of forced migration and relocation.

For this reason, in addition to the summit with the Central American Coordinating Agency (SICA) currently chaired by Costa Rica, the government has enacted the ‘Solidarity Act for the Forced Displaced and Hosted Communities in Central America and Mexico’. With Guatemala, Costa Rica, OAS and UNHCR.

The event, which has a hybrid form of both telematic and face-to-face, seeks to bring together countries in the region, as well as those interested and interested in the issue, and all those who wish to contribute to its resolution.

The forum is currently chaired by Spain, who currently serves as chairman of the Comprehensive Regional Configuration for Security and Solutions (MIRPS) developed in 2017 by Belize, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico and Panama. Then joined El Salvador.

They promise maximum relevance to the event in Monclova, and obligations are expected to come from both financial aid – Spain may issue a statement on the matter – and another type, mainly technical or training, to deal with forced migration to help these countries.

According to government sources, the main UN body to address the issue of migration and displacement. In addition to the leaders of the organizations – UNHCR, IOM, UNICEF – OAS General Secretary Luis Almacro is also expected to attend. ICRC President Peter Moorer was among those present.

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At the political level, the role of the majority of the region’s presidents has been confirmed, as well as Argentina, Alberto Fernandez – Sanchez meeting this Wednesday in Colombia, Colombia, Ivan Duke and Uruguay, Louis Lagalle. Bou. The rest of the world, including some Europeans, will participate at the ministerial level.


The United States will be represented by Assistant Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland and Andy Blinkan ‘Number Two’, who will meet with her colleagues from the SICA countries precisely on June 2 in San Jose.

With them, as announced by the State Department at the time, was “the United States’ strategy to address the root causes of immigration, including creating economic opportunities for Central Americans and promoting essential missions to reduce violence and combat the COVID-19 epidemic and climate change.”

Following the visit of Vice President Kamala Harris to Guatemala and Mexico this week, President Joe Biden has appointed a solution to the migration crisis in Central America, as the United States is the final destination for many of those fleeing the region.

According to Monclova, the Spanish government is in contact with the Biden administration over the issue, as evidenced by Washington’s presence at the San Jose event. There is close cooperation on immigration issues, and Washington knows that Spain can be trusted to tackle this complex issue in Central America.

Migration to Central America

Central American countries, especially the so-called Northern Triangle (El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras) have been experiencing massive deportations in recent years, often provoked by continued armed violence in their regions at the hands of mobs. But due to the lack of opportunities and the impact of climate change, frequent natural disasters such as the last fall of hurricanes ‘Iota’ and ‘Letta’.

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In many cases, forced migrants remain within the borders of their native countries, but many more embark on a perilous journey north, with Mexico as their first destination and the United States as their final destination in most cases.

According to the latest data collected by UNHCR, there are approximately 830,000 IDPs, refugees and asylum seekers in the region, in addition to the more than 100,000 refugees and asylum seekers from Nicaragua. El Salvador and Honduras alone will have more than 318,000 internally displaced persons.

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As for the summit with the SICA, it takes place on Thursday, a historic year for the region, because it is exactly 30 years since the body was created, the 35 Esquipula agreements were the departure point of the SICA and some of them for many years after the civil war and the twenty years of independence of Central American countries.

The meeting will feature two ill-fated visits to El Salvador’s presidents, Naib Buchale and Nicaraguan leaders Daniel Ortega, and a second protest, including the arrest in the last week of four candidates who opposed the first week’s dictatorial slide and anti – repression in November.

The purpose of the Spain-Sica summit is to evaluate and analyze the achievements made in the framework of close cooperation between the two, and to see where progress can be made in the future, mainly with an eye on the latter coveted recovery.

Similarly, Sanchez will send a message of support to Central American leaders and encourage them to continue to seek multilateral responses to issues affecting regional integration and Central America, namely climate change, violence or migration.

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The next day, Friday, Sanchez will conclude his tour with a bilateral meeting with Costa Rican President Carlos Alvarado, with whom he is scheduled to sign several MoUs. Like Argentina, the president travels with companies, both of which are expected to attend a business forum. In addition, she will meet with the Costa Rica Women Entrepreneurs Group.

Sanchez will conclude his stay Thursday evening with Costa Rica’s National Meteorological Agency, in which Spain participates in a collaborative program to train Costa Rican meteorologists, and pays a visit to the environmental program in Park La Asuncion. San Antonio de Belen, with participation in Spanish collaboration.