July 24, 2021

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“Team is in 14th round, with physical and intellectual fatigue”

The President Louis Lagalle bou “During these times”, when the epidemic had already been raging in Uruguay for 15 months, Government panel “Like 14th round and waiting for time to pass because it pierces physical and intellectual exhaustion”.

In an interview with the Atlas Network Center for Latin America, the President reviewed with the Center for Development Studies (CD) The principle of “responsible freedom” The government has applied in the face of the Govt-19 epidemic, and beyond the possibility of progress on some of the reforms made in the election campaign, the “urgency” of the health emergency is getting more attention. “Time goes by and you see the government spending its days little by little,” he said.

Advice Economic way The health crisis is over, and Public sector role In the process, Lockle said bou “If things end so quickly and quickly, there will be global migration, and there may be melting in places where (many people) come in.”.

“A country needs to provide some infrastructure to build the individual. Uruguay has a business of getting many people. For that you have to give the infrastructure, that infrastructure is public. One way out of this crisis is to mark a sharp decline in employment Emotional factor, And people who want to go out and invest, because they retreated a lot. That you should Go with him with a vision of the country starting again and the action of the governmentThe President commented.

On the concept of responsible freedom, Lagalle stressed that he had never thought about “creating this word” and, as he had done on other occasions – on the weekends of March 21 and 22 last year how “difficult” it was. Both the opposition and some important leaders of the ruling party demanded that he go General and compulsory isolation.

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«A Strong pressure, For me, lock us up. The first reaction of fear is to go into the cave. Because it was a difficult decision Those closest to you asked: Louis, take care of our children, take care of us, do not let us die, do not make us sick. One has to go in there and ask oneself: How capable am I to take an action contrary to essence, and the reasons why one is in public action? It proved that not only the president, but the team was generous and that freedom was not abused, ”he said.

Lagalle also said that due to the uncertainty and fear of strangers, the advice to stay at home was “fertile land” to be effective. I saw that there was no one here at Plaza Independence. Already The community was ahead of the government In that sense. What the government has done is complement, coordinate, implement and design what individuals have already done (…) They say: ‘They have closed the malls’. They were closed because no one was going. They were financially hopeful of closing. So it was with a lot of business and entertainment companies, ”the president said.

According to Lagalle, time has passed “Fear that the victory of the Uruguayan people in the fight against the epidemic might be the cause was losing its way.”. Gases cases grow and fear decreases: This is a very complicated place. There, responsible freedom is still a beacon, but action has been taken, ”the president argued “Uruguay is one of the countries that has taken control measures from the middle of the table.”.

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Asked about the citizens’ acceptance of this liberal approach in the historically statistical country, Lagale said “It is not necessary to distinguish individual freedom from the welfare state”. Then we can discuss the size of that state, but placing pure freedom before the statistic is a big mistake because precisely the definition of liberalism cannot disconnect any instrument. Liberalism is not hereditary, And selected by Uruguay. He has many things, ”the president said.