July 24, 2021

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Tense day of marches in crisis situation in Peru – Brenza Latin

‘For the protection of democracy and the father, there is no coup!’ The mobilization of the so-called left-wing rural teacher was called by dozens of parties, social organizations and civic groups at a press conference on Thursday.

In fact it is a day of march across the country, under the assumption that the candidate’s allegations determine that the electoral process is flawed, against broader regions considering Fujimori’s legal maneuvers and coup plans to cancel the June 6 vote.

For its part, the Fujimori movement has been dubbed the ‘Million March’ by ​​Internet networks, the same name as US President Donald Trump, with the international media comparing Fujimori to his approach.

In the capital, thousands of people following Castillo will attend, coming from the inside and in an alert mood waiting for their candidate to be announced.

The candidate plans to show a force in the city with the most votes, while Castillo has won in other regions and networks, with many Internet users claiming to pay between 50 and 60 feet ($ 13 to $ 15).

As the spirits heat up as they wait for the election results, Interior Minister Jose Ellis called on Atma to announce that 3,000 special police forces would control the mobilization and prevent access to each other.

Fujimori’s former right-wing military allies support pressure to accept his claims to the National Electoral Arbitration Council (JNE) – the lack of legal support, according to almost all election experts – who proposed that the elected Congress should call new elections.

If the JNE did not comply with Fujimori’s demands, they would not recognize the proclaimed president, that is, Castillo, who was rejected by President Francisco Sagasti as an instigator, was summoned by former officers in a letter to the Armed Forces. Constitutional order.

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In addition, former Judge Javier Villa presented an amber action before the court because they used flaws and Fujimori’s arguments.

The demand, according to the judges consulted, nullifies the constitutional provision, which means that the election can only be annulled if a third of the electorate casts a blank ballot or votes.

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