July 24, 2021

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The Peruvian government rejects the censorship of the ballot

The demand for international censorship was made by Fursa popular candidate Keiko Fujimori.

The Peruvian government has rejected a request by People’s Alliance candidate Keiko Fujimori to convene an international audit to review the vote in the presidential election, while the National Electoral Arbitration Council (JNE) is making progress in examining the challenges posed after the June second round of elections. 6.

In an official letter signed by Justice Minister Eduardo Vega and addressed to the candidate, he recalled that the executive and the president could not interfere in the election process at the request of one of the participating political forces.

“Because of the neutral policy that every state agency must respect, and because the general election process is ongoing, it is not legally possible to meet the demand,” Vega wrote.

In a letter responding to a request made by Fujimori at the Government Palace on Monday, the official said JNE should address the irregularities mentioned in his letter, which will assess and resolve the challenges. “

Following the official denial, the right-wing candidate unleashed his displeasure on social media against interim President Francisco Sagasti.

In the opinion of the candidate, the evaluation of this system will determine whether the results implemented and calculated by the Office of National Electoral Processes (ONPE) represent the will of the people.

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For his part, JNE spokesman Luis Alberto Sanchez pointed out that the Special Electoral Jurisdictions (JEEs) and the full session of this Electoral Commission operate “without hindrance”.

He estimated that the outcome of the winner of the 2021 general election would not exceed July 15 next.

Sanchez confirmed that the remaining 243 appeals were already being considered, and added that “once this is completed, work will continue until the matter returns to its first instance.”

Similarly, when asked if the presidential candidate who will win the 2021 general election will already be defined by July 28, he said he believes “stay that way”.

“Jurors can operate without hindrance and are complete, and we hope this will happen,” he said.

The number of National Electoral Processes (ONPE), which reached 100% two weeks ago, exceeded Fujimori’s 44,000 votes, 50.12% of the vote for Point Pedro Castillo (from Peru Libre).

Peru has been living in permanent tension for three weeks because the JNE has not yet reviewed the thousands of votes posed by Fujimori before announcing the winner.