July 24, 2021

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The Russian president is not worried about the attacks by US President Franசாois Latina

‘I have always worked for the interests of the Russian people and the Russian state. Different labels are not something to worry about, ” Putin said, referring to how he feels about Biden calling him a killer.

In an interview aired the previous day by an American channel, the Russian president noted during his tenure that he had become “accustomed to all angles, under any pretext and reason, and to different measurements and outrageous attacks.” That came as no surprise to me. ‘

“The use of such labels has become commonplace in American political culture, probably affected by Hollywood, which is not uncommon in Russia,” he added.

The Russian head of state noted that President Biden was “certainly very different” from Donald Trump, and warned that the current head of the White House was “practically involved in politics throughout his adult life.”

“There is no immediate action on the part of the current US president,” he said. The full version of the interview is scheduled to air on NBC on Monday, June 14th.

Putin and Biden will meet in Geneva on June 16 to discuss what the first Russia-US summit will be after Putin’s talks with Trump in Helsinki in July 2018.

The Kremlin said the leaders planned to discuss the development and status of bilateral relations, strategic stability issues and current issues on the international agenda, including communication and conflict resolution in the fight against Govt-19.

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