July 24, 2021

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The United States maintains the same plans against Venezuela

Washington-. The United States has consistently maintained plans by former President Donald Trump to overthrow the government of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, an expert promised today.

Marcos Salcado, a researcher affiliated with the Latin American Center for Strategic Analysis (CLAE, Estrategia.la), has promised that the White House is “refining its plan against Venezuela.”

In the short term, elections are likely to appear next November, and in the long run, it is questionable whether Washington will resign a plan at some point, even if the White House administrations change.

The expert cited recent agreements between the US and Canadian governments to formalize its new strategy against Caracas officials.

In the new maneuver included in the joint statement with the European Union and Canada, Chalcado noted that the goal of the overthrow is being replaced by a long-designed electoral tactic.

He pointed out that any attempt around the corner was progress, not conspiracy, or invasion.

However, the new strategy does not yet recognize the Venezuelan companies and sanctions, the acquisition of assets, the financial freeze and the ownership of the oil company SIDCO.

He added that it was very difficult to move forward in the negotiations between the government and the opposition, adding that although the United States, Canada and the European Union were currently out of the announcement, there was no general image, timetable or definite objectives. Open up the possibility of easing sanctions.

As for Chalkado, the question has long been whether the United States will abandon its plan to overthrow the Venezuelan government.

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