July 24, 2021

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They are calling for a strike in Peru to declare Castillo

The site of trade unions, unions and political parties rejects the election of the Constitutional Court.

The National Front for Democracy and Governance in Peru, a network of trade unions, unions, civic bodies and some political parties, has called for a national strike to declare Point Pedro Castillo president after winning an election. Months ago.

The call coincides with demonstrations that have rocked the South American nation in recent weeks as there has been a delay in defining the winner of the June 6 election, which they denounce as a maneuver in support of the defeated right-wing candidate Keiko Fujimori.

This call is consistent with the specific realities of each region of the country, for which in some cases there will be massive mobilizations, in others there will be “residences”, while the purpose is to effectively stop operations, although they underscore democratic and peaceful content.

The National Strike also rejects the election of new members of the Constitutional Court because, according to the National Front organizations, the right “seeks to acquire TC, thus declaring the electoral process null and void in the future.”

By electing these new members, the right to a “real” interpretation of the electoral process is translated into declaring it to be a “null process” in which there are no valid elections in the second round. “

They denounce that this “real” interpretation would be the same as that made in 2000 to facilitate the appointment and re-election of Alberto Fujimori.

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The national strike is backed by the transport unions, as well as representatives of the Peruvian Workers’ Federation (CGDP), agrarian communities and political organizations such as Jundos Bor El Pere and Nuevo Pere y Pere Libre.