June 15, 2021

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They call for more mobilization in Colombia

Bogota-. The National Unemployment Commission today called for the largest mobilization in Colombia, from municipalities to the capitals of each sector, to encourage talks with the government.

Francisco Moldoso Dello, chairman of the group’s joint unitary Central Unitaria de Trapezadores, called for intensifying protests in the country this Wednesday and next Friday, a month after the mobilization began.

He proposed to hold cultural and entertainment events, night casseroles and other peaceful initiatives in the wake of the strike.

On April 28, popular protests began against the harmful tax reform that would increase the value-added tax on goods and services.

Although the bill was withdrawn by the government and thanks to popular pressure, social protests continue with a growing list of demands against Ivan Duke’s policies.

In this context, the National Police launched a strong crackdown on its elite arm, the mobile riot police and the military, with more than two thousand cases of violence against protesters, particularly more than 50 deaths.

Faced with this violent situation in the General Forces, both chambers of Congress censored Defense Minister Diego Molano, who was responsible for the events.

Meanwhile, the committee yesterday signed a preliminary agreement on guarantees for mobilization by delaying the negotiation process until Thursday, which is a condition for sitting down for dialogue.

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