July 24, 2021

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They condemn the unconstitutionality of the referendum in Haiti – Brenza Latin

The agency, with more than 35 years of service, estimates that the authorities voluntarily disregard Section 284-3 of the Act, which “formally prohibits any popular consultation aimed at changing the Constitution by referendum.”

According to IDEM, the project to amend the constitution will cost about $ 40 million, which represents a ‘budget drain’ due to the crisis created by Govt-19 and the lack of solid infrastructure in the healthcare system.

The situation is worsening with 4.1 million people living under food insecurity, while estimates put the number at 4.4 million this June, more than 40 percent of people, their executive director Kettley Julian stressed.

Julian pointed out that instead of incurring massive costs to conduct the referendum, leaders should now invest in awareness programs, mobilization, purchasing materials to protect health workers and building armed field hospitals.

In a statement issued the previous day, Catholic bishops urged the government to abandon public consultation “to prevent us from experiencing darker and worse days than we know now.

The Episcopal Conference Administrator warned that the initiative would “push the country into a deeper crisis” and stressed that the current social and political situation, division, distrust and violence were not conducive to a project of this magnitude.

The Church thus joins in many voices, and in recent months has regarded this exercise as unilateral and unconstitutional.

Political opponents and other organizations also threatened to use violence to stop public consultation, although the government recently rejected this position.

The referendum is scheduled for June 27, after which Moss called for simultaneous elections to elect a new state president and legislator.

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