July 24, 2021

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Three Cuban universities are the most prestigious in the world

Three Cuban Higher Education Centers They are ranked among the 1,300 most valuable people in the world today, according to the latest QS World University Rankings by British company Quakerly Symonds.

Excellent home of courses University of Havana (UH), occupying the range of 501-510, pointing to the CuPad web portal.

This is followed by Marta Aubrey’s University of Los Villas (UCLV) at 521 to 530, while Havana University of Technology Jose Antonio Echeverria (CUJ) is at 2,000 -200.

The UH, the oldest center in Cuba, is considered a cultural and identity center for the nation and is recognized for its academic excellence, social relevance and high quality of its processes.

For its part, UCLV is the most intermediate division in the country, with 11 thousand 497 students and two thousand 36 professors in 12 faculties.

Kuje, meanwhile, contributes to the sustainable development of the community through the extensive training of experts committed to revolution, science and innovation, referring to the institutional side of that educational headquarters.

The QS World University Rankings evaluates three thousand universities each year and considers about nine thousand in the world.

They rank best and rank according to criteria such as academic reputation and number of visits over the past 12 months.

This classification is published by Quakerly Symonds, which specializes in education and study abroad, and is one of the internationally recognized lists in this field.

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