July 24, 2021

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U.S. Lower House to control presidential war powers

Washington, June 17 (Prensa Latin) The US House of Representatives today voted in favor of repealing the 2002 law allowing occupation of Iraq, which is the first step in controlling the president’s military forces.
A total of 49 Republicans, including Democrats, supported the removal of the measure, which is described by many Congressmen as outdated.

Even this week, the White House approved a repeal of the so-called Authorization to Use Force (AUMF) rule, which states that “it will no longer have a small impact on current military operations.”

This is the first time the executive branch has publicly acknowledged such a decision, highlighting a report from the CNN network.

It supports the repeal as a starting point for placing additional restrictions on how the United States uses its military around the world to fight terrorism.

According to CNN, those efforts have been going on for years, but lawmakers see the potential support of President Joe Biden as the key to finally repealing the AUMF.

Democrat Barbara Lee said the cancellation could prevent her from entering into another enduring commitment protected under an outdated arrangement that has been in effect for two decades.

Democrat Gregory Meeks, chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, urged Congress to abide by its constitutional duty to intervene in war and peace issues.

The Senate will address a similar issue with the Foreign Committee next week, but it is still up to minority leader Mitch McConnell to express his opposition, saying there is enough support to reduce the president’s war powers. Because it is not clear.

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Although they succeeded in eliminating the 2002 AUMF, other laws passed in 2001 to recognize the invasion of Afghanistan, which have since been used by all US rulers to justify their military action around the world, are still in effect.

In the wake of the debate over the powers of the White House president to start a war, the War Powers Resolution, a federal law of 1973, is designed to restrict the president in armed conflicts without congressional approval.

The ruler must notify Capitol within 48 hours of the use of the armed forces, prohibit the remainder of those operations for more than 60 days, and grant them a one-month reprieve.

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