July 24, 2021

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Vaccination is being accelerated against the delta variant that punishes Russia and Australia

In countries with more resources, an average of 79 levels per 100 people are managed, with one average of the poorest.

The Latin American and Caribbean region, with a total of 1.26 million deaths per corona virus outbreak, paid 37 doses per 100 citizens, slightly lower than the world average (39).

Chile (118) and Uruguay (110) are the fourth and seventh most populous countries in the world, with the most managed regions, led by the United Arab Emirates (153), Bahrain and Israel (124).

In contrast, other major countries in the region, such as Brazil (46), Mexico (34), Colombia (45) or Peru (22), are further behind.

“To end the epidemic, we need more vaccines. The Cowax Multi-initiative (World Health Organization) ensures that vaccines are fairly distributed and reach the countries that need them the most,” the secretary said Tuesday. US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen inaugurates the G20 Foreign Ministers Summit in Matera, southern Italy.

Increase in epidemics in Europe

Vaccines are the most effective buffer against the dangerous delta variant, which is present in at least 85 countries and is spreading rapidly among people who have not yet been vaccinated.

As of this Tuesday, the new corona virus has killed at least 3,932,561 people and infected more than 181 million worldwide, according to AFP.

In Europe, after a two-and-a-half-month progressive reduction in the number of infections, corona virus cases are on the rise again, with an average of 56,800 cases a day, up 21% from a week ago.

This variant is responsible for the latest epidemic in Russia, one of the most affected countries in the world, which recorded its highest daily death toll since 652 on Thursday.

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In fact, Russia, the saddest country in Europe with 134,500 deaths by its official balance, ranks second with the highest number of deaths in the last 24 hours, behind India (907) and Colombia (648).

The epicenter of the wave was in its capital, Moscow, where the alarm was raised two weeks ago, and now 75% of beds are occupied by Govt patients.

Its officials restructured telecommunications for some departments, created a health card to go to restaurants, or ordered some citizens to be vaccinated, due to distrust of its citizens.

But, as they did during the last wave in December, they are rejecting a tight lock to protect the economy as well.

Bodies emerge from the Ganges

A very different strategy is being followed in Australia, which, after several months with no local epidemics, has again tens of millions of citizens controlled the increase in Govt-19 cases, especially the Delta variant.

The city of Sydney has been connected to Perth, Darwin, Brisbane and parts of Queensland since Saturday.

“Those are tough decisions. There are prisons in big cities because the virus enters with foreigners,” the state’s prime minister, Anastasia Pallas, was quoted as saying.

In India, where the delta variant was first identified, the situation is improving, but the memory of the Black Weeks, with collapsed hospitals and cremations, is tumbling over the sacred Ganges River.

The arrival of monsoon and torrential rains has brought the bodies of dozens of cow victims affected, who, due to lack of their families, location or resources, handed them over to the Holy River or buried it on its sandy shores.

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“It was very sad to see these poor people burying their loved ones so unworthily, and the rising water is making the situation worse,” said Sonu Chandel, a boatman working on a crematorium on the shore. .