July 24, 2021

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Venezuela is waiting for the results of PSUV applications – Brenza Latin

The total number of selected projects across the country is due to be announced this Monday and is being successfully described by its leaders and militants.

By the end of Sunday, with 30 percent of the data calculated, the completion has already approved more than 27,000 candidates.

During a press conference that offered partial results, the organization’s first vice president, Diostato Cabello, announced that the governors alone had 2,361 women and 1,232 men, who had previously highlighted women’s leadership in the process.

From the main arena in Caracas, the revolutionary leader described the day of application as successful and congratulated the people for their participation.

“The method we applied for is related to the six positions for the election, each of which must be done simultaneously, under a procedure that ensures gender equality and the results are extraordinary,” he said.

For his part, President Nicolas Maduro, in consultation with the sites, stressed that the decision to provide ground for militant people was the right one, “today we have achieved a complete victory.”

He also highlighted the contribution of socialist youth, pointing out that the PSUV has set an excellent example for Venezuela and the world.

He urged the organization to carry out a constructive election campaign of height, union and reunification.

Finally, he invited those who had registered in the election register to participate in the party’s primary election on August 8.

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