July 24, 2021

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WHO Director-General New Govt-19 strains vaccine wins race for nationalism

Advances in the development of these drugs against the corona virus due to the unfair distribution of vaccines do not preclude the spread of new variants of Govit-19, which threatens the global economic recovery, the director general of the organization declared. World Health, Tetros Adonom Capraeus.

New types of Coronavirus are winning the race against vaccines Inequality In its production and distribution “, He said Senior official of that UN organization at a press conference.

Gabrias “The Vaccine nationalism«, Of which a few countries accumulate most vaccines, true “Morally indescribable” And “an ineffective health strategy against the respiratory virus, which is rapidly changing Increasingly contagious.

“Some countries that have been heavily vaccinated plan to launch booster levels in the coming months, eliminating existing community health measures and retiring. As if the epidemic had passed“, Lament.

The CEO described it asHatefulIt is true that millions of health workers around the world have not yet been vaccinated.

“From a moral, epidemiological and economic point of view, it is time for the world to come together to tackle the epidemic collectively,” he stressed.

According to Caprias, the meeting of finance ministers A team of 20 people For industrialized and developing countries and central bank directors, this week is another important opportunity for leaders to take Emergency measures This makes it possible to put an end to the acute phase of the infection by allocating the necessary resources to optimize the distribution of vaccines.

(Taken from RT in Spanish)

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